Apply to be a Flying Tots Nanny!

With the introduction of our services to a wider range of career and business professionals who work a variety of shifts, we endeavour to create fluent business thus ensuring a steady supply of assignments giving you stability in your employment and cash flow.

Most of our assignments, as you may already know are adopted from a shift work pattern, as dictated by our clientele who mainly derive from the airline industry.

However, many parents and single parents who have had a change of circumstance or merely returning back to work from maternity leave often contact us with interest in employing a flexible Flying Tots nanny.

Flying Tots has introduced its unique services to British Airways pilots and cabin crew, and have provided support with childcare services to other major airlines, Doctors & nurses, police & fire brigade, Barristers and lawyers, Sports & Entertainment. “Although Flying Tots is a West London Childcare Agency, It covers many families from South East of England areas and will accommodate other areas from the UK.

We welcome all nannies, mothers help and babysitters to become a Flying Tots member to our exclusive establishment.

It is normal that you will be working for one family with an agreement finalised between the nanny and Flying Tots during your time with us. As Flying Tots grows, so will the communication between us, with increased opportunity of work and scope for mobility between assignments.

We are happy for you to return to us for additional work, anytime!. Flying Tots would like to offer you an enjoyable, varied lifestyle of being a nanny, even your days off can change as every family can adapt but also offer a great chance experience a unique method of child caring.

Flying Tots are currently registering flexible, nannies, mother’s help and experienced babysitters.
If you would like to register with Flying Tots Childcare Services, please read more “About our Nannies” and contact us.

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