About our Parents

Flying Tots welcomes all parents and single parents to our childcare agency. There are many parents who require assistance who have children with special needs. Flying Tots will provide you with an experienced, professional child carer, whether it be a nanny, mothers help or babysitter to accommodate all your concerns by allocating the best possible nanny suited to your child.


There is “no obligation” to register with Flying Tots . If you would like us to assist you with your childcare, we simply ask you complete your profile so that we have a precise understanding of you and your children.We certainly endeavour to find you the best possible nanny, stress-free!

Flying Tots aim to provide you with a flying start. We contain a database of nannies/mannies which allow us to immediately start short-listing the most suitable personnel based on the criteria. If a nanny is not readily available from our database, a fresh search process applies.

The new concept of Flying Tots is the best alternative to an excellent childcare ad hoc placement provision; we provide an individual, personalised service and assign you with one of our experienced professional nannies at a competitive price. All pay, "Terms and Conditions” are mutually agreed between the agency, you and your nanny prior to starting an assignment. Flying Tots will assist, the negotiation of the nannies working schedule or their pay; however, the final decision lies between the two parties involved.

“Remember, Flying Tots knows and understands how difficult it is to
find a nanny who is able to follow your own scheduled pattern”.

When registering with Flying Tots, You may need to leave at least six to eight weeks for preparation and all ground work to be resolved, so please try to confirm your decision as soon as possible.

Please read carefully and complete our Flying Tots client registration form including your child registration form which is designed to ensure that we collect all the required information needed to customise our service and to suit your specific needs.

Please detail your requirements including all special requests, where applicable. Confirmation of your exact childcare requirements is important; shift work pattern, start date, number of days, nights and hours. We appreciate that this may be difficult for some but please try to calculate close to the most consistent of your work pattern each month as best as you can or, we are happy to assist you during your calculations.

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