Childcare Techniques

Flying Tots nannies will use a number of childcare techniques to ensure that the child is happy, safe and secure in the comfort of your home. The option of mother’s help is also available for those parents or single parent who require help whilst on maternity leave, or during time at home and need that extra support. An experienced babysitter is able to dedicate the minimal hours that is required during the day, or cover the occasional evening whilst you are temporarily unavailable to be at home with your child. When in sole charge, the nanny plans and develops a routine, scheduling cooking, cleaning and ironing time around nap times and play/activity sessions. These techniques listed below are dependent upon the time of day and your choice of childcare service.

Personal Hygiene

Flying Tots nanny will supervise or bathe the child upon instructions of the parent according to their age, adhering to safety standards and ensuring that they are clean and ready for school or nursery.

Nappy Changing and Potty Training

Disposables or re-useable nappies are dependent upon the parent's wishes. The nanny will ensure that the baby is changed regularly and comfortable throughout the day. Potty training is a challenging task and can take several months before it is achieved, however very rewarding once the toddler is able to use the potty or initiates to go themselves.

Preparation for school or Nursery

Your Flying Tots nanny ensures enough time in the morning for any preparation work.

  • Each child receives a physical wake-up call.
  • Bath or shower time is supervised, if necessary.
  • Breakfast is prepared.
  • Schoolbooks and accessories, PE kit and lunch are checked before leaving for school.
  • A baby bag including change of clothes or any medication are packed Hand in pre-allocated dinner money, and ensure any parental/guardian consent letters are brought into school.


Cleaned, ironed clothing and footwear are laid out ready to wear ensuring that they are suitable for the weather conditions.

  • If necessary, assistance is offered in dressing the child.
  • Hair tidily groomed.
  • Shoes polished.
  • A mini inspection can be performed when dressed to ensure neatness.

Nutritional Breakfast

All meals for your child will be prepared based on the parent's recommendation and wishes.

  • Any specific instructions i.e., food allergies, regarding your child's diet and nutrition shall be followed
  • A typical healthy breakfast, for example, includes a bowl of cereal with milk followed by a boiled egg with toast 'soldiers' and juice
  • For babies, baby milk is provided and the introduction of solids at the required age is at the parent's request
  • It is good practice to sit with the child at the breakfast table if in sole charge to ensure a sufficient amount is eaten in order to start the day well and to discuss what the day ahead brings.

Transport to School or Nursery

  • The Nanny will be advised on the child's journey either to school or nursery depending on the distance
  • The parents will provide an approved booster/car seat
  • Cars adhere to safety standards
  • The nanny will ensure all children are strapped in and secure
  • Child safety locks will be enforced for complete protection
  • The nanny should ensure all car documents are valid and up-todate
  • If using public transport, the nanny will check the bus and train timetable/route in preparation for the journey
  • Families normally live in the vicinity of the child’s school/nursery
  • This enables the nanny to enjoy the walk with a baby or toddler if pushing a stroller, allowing plenty of time for the journey.

Handover and School Collection

Flying Tots nanny will ensure that they supervise the child right up until they are taken into the school gates or nursery. A handover to the teacher or nursery assistant takes place. Parents need to ensure that the school or nursery are well advised of the childcare arrangements set in place especially drop-off and pick-up times. On collection from nurseries, a report is often briefed regarding the child's progress of the day. The information is then relayed back to the parents orally and/or through the nanny diary.

Key important issues;

  • Punctual attendance.
  • Change in Childs’ behaviour pattern.
  • Acknowledgement of school bell ringing.
  • Recognition of available teacher/s.
  • Awareness of other parents.
  • New information to bring home.

Nutritional Meals

Making the right choices of meals will give the child the energy they need to get through the day whether it is a school packed lunch or a prepared home meal.

A Flying Tots nanny will be advised of any specific instructions i.e., medication, food allergies, , likes, dislikes regarding the child's diet so that the appropriate nutritional menu is provided.

The nanny can pre-arrange a menu range of healthy meals for each week.

The mother’s help is to assist the parent with the preparation of milk bottles for babies, an assortment of sandwiches, fruit and salad or an evening meal.

It is good practice for the nanny to sit with the child at the dinner table if in sole charge to ensure a sufficient amount of food is eaten and also to encourage good communication regarding progress of the day.

Homework, Education and Learning support

A Flying Tots nanny or mother’s help is available to provide, where possible, assistance with the child’s homework, education and learning support.

A Flying Tots nanny will ensure support, learning and play is provided when caring for each child.

The nanny plans a list of activities and play opportunities to help develop the child’s emotional, physical, social and intellectual capabilities.

Drawing and painting develops good handwriting skills and colour co-ordination.

Singing lullabies, songs and nursery rhymes.

Dancing to music as part of an exercise programme or fun activity.

Counting numbers in a form of singing or other fun methods.

Practicing listening skills.

Promoting self-esteem which will guide them to make positive choices as they develop their knowledge, skills and understanding.

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