Delivering the Service

Flying Tots works as an Agency that provides experienced childcare to parents and single parents whose work involves a variety of shifts. This unique “ad hoc” childcare service provision is exclusive to airline crew, pilots, aviation industry, career workers and all business professionals. Whether it is long-haul, short-haul, inconsistent days and/or over nights, part time or full time nannies required, we aim to off load your worries and relieve any stress of having to search for childcare for the period of time needed.

Flying Tots understands this, therefore we do our very best to ensure that you receive quality care and attention and will to continue search for your requirements until a suitable nanny/mothers help is allocated to you, or you have requested to terminate the childcare process.

When you complete our registration forms, we are able to ascertain all your requirements, calculate your fees and locate a nanny, mother’s help or babysitter most suited to your needs. Assigning you a Flying Tots nanny may take some time so leave yourself at least 6-8 weeks, prior to registration. Try to be as specific as possible with regards to the hours/days that you require.

Upon registering with Flying Tots, a discussion normally takes place regarding your usual shift work pattern. This includes your specific hours/days required each week. Your placement fees are calculated based on those same specific timings. We are happy to assist you during this part of the service so that we may select the most suitable, flexible Flying Tots nanny.

Placement Fees

Flying Tots fee is a "one-off" payment which includes all nanny visits to your home. A Flying Tots Client “Terms & Conditions” document is sent to you via email which must be signed, dated and returned via post to Flying Tots registered address prior to the selection process and the nanny visit. An introductory part payment from your total placement fee is required upon the nanny’s introductory visit. This amount is non-refundable. Once you have agreed to assign the nanny to your family, the remaining balance is required.

**Due to the incompatible childcare requirements which Flying Tots families request, charges are calculated individually with days and hours per week in mind. We are happy to personalise this cost effective service for you.


Flying Tots will begin the recruitment process of assigning the most suitable nanny, mother’s help or babysitter for you and your family. Your chosen child carer may be readily available or living close to your area. If this is not the case, an excellent profiling programme gets underway, after which an in-depth interview will take place. We ensure that all the nanny's documents which include childcare certificates, Paediatric First Aid, CRB/DBS, Ofsted registration (if necessary), driving licence, proof of residency, passport and references are valid and up-to-date. If the interview is successful and, subject to the nanny meeting the full criteria for the position, an arrangement for a second meeting of a nanny visit will take place.

Nanny Visit

You may see as many nannies available following a nanny interview with Flying Tots from which feedback is provided prior to you making a decision of seeing the nanny for her 2nd meeting at the family home. The nanny is appointed to visit your home where you are able to spend some time together and become acquainted. Childcare documents can be viewed and any future arrangements can be discussed. Any queries should be ironed out at this stage.


You must notify Flying Tots of your acceptance or refusal of a nanny. Should you decide to accept, an email confirming your chosen child carer will be sent to you and the nanny. Arrangements will be made for the nanny’s start date. However, if you do not wish to be assigned to this particular nanny, we are happy to continue the profiling process for other nannies, bearing in mind the process is extended. When you have chosen and finally arranged for the nanny to start, you then become the employer and will need to finally decide and agree the nanny’s pay and terms. A Flying Tots dummy contract is available to assist you when preparing to employ your nanny should you wish to use it. At this stage I shall introduce you to an established nanny tax service.

Flying Tots