Placement Fees

All Flying Tots placement fees are subject to each individual’s specific requirements (for emergency or short-term placement fees only, refer to charges below).

A special ‘opening’ discount is offered to airline staff from the total fee.

Only a small administration fee as part payment from your total fee is invoiced to you upon the nanny’s introductory visit. This amount is non-refundable.

Once you are happy and have agreed to assign the nanny to your family, the remaining balance is required.

A client ‘Terms & Conditions’ document is then sent to you prior to allocating you a nanny which requires you to carefully read, sign, date and return via scan or post to Flying Tots registered address.

International Nannies

Need a professional nanny in the UK or worldwide?

Flying Tots will assist you with reliable, experienced nannies or mothers help not only in the UK, but in worldwide countries within The UAE, Europe, and other countries upon request. Providing excellent customer service, Flying Tots will accommodate you based on your individual requirements.

Our nannies can assist you with our specialised childcare services to travel abroad, either on a short-term or long-term basis.  

Duty Travel Nannies

Introducing proficient Flying Tots nanny Chaperone when travelling to and from the UK and international countries.

The demand is high for our reliable professional Flying Tots nannies to travel with Business parents, single-parent with family overseas, and anywhere in the UK whether business or pleasure.
Our nannies will be ready to escort you to your destination starting from check-in at the airport or from your door-step and will remain with you until you return home. We recommend an introductory session or settling-in period with the nanny and child prior to travel, with careful planning and preparation from Flying Tots Agency ensuring the safety and well-being for the care of your child/ren whilst travelling.

Accommodation with the nanny’s own private facility and provision of meals whilst on duty should be readily supported and arranged prior to departure.


**Due to incompatible childcare requirements which families do request, charges are calculated individually for days and hours per week in mind. 

We are happy to personalise this cost-effective service for you by arranging a nanny package especially to those clients whose hours are worked as a shift pattern which involves either overnight care, abnormal times throughout the day, weekends, ad hoc days, bank holidays or more hours during school holidays.

Salary Guide

A reasonable salary for a Flying Tots nanny is considered to range from £11 net [after tax] per hour. This is subject to each client’s individual requirements. 

The duty hours play an important factor when calculating the placement fee and nanny salary. This may change during the process of allocating a child carer, but the final decision must be arranged and agreed prior to the introductory nanny visit. You, the client becomes the employer once you have chosen your nanny, agree on a salary and start date through Flying Tots. At that stage, Flying Tots shall introduce you to an established nanny tax service which will help and advise you on paying the nanny’s tax and national insurance, providing payslips for each month.

Emergency or Short-term Placement Fixed Fees:

Flying Tots provides short-term or emergency childcare cover anytime or whenever required. 
This simply means that subject to availability, we endeavour to provide proficient childcare, from our professional team. An available nanny, mothers help or babysitter will support your child as soon as Flying Tots allocates the most suitable carer. *Should you require a nanny for a placement of more than 14 weeks(3 months), permanent fees will apply.
The following fees are part payable prior to an introduction, 2nd interview or nanny visit, and the remaining fees will apply prior to starting date of employment.

5 Days ONLY; Mon-Fri
Nanny Salary: £660                                                   Flying Tots Fee: £200 

Weekend ONLY [from Fri 7 pm- Sun 7 pm]
Nanny Salary: £528                                                   Flying Tots Fee: £120 

24 Hours
Nanny Salary: £264                                                   Flying Tots Fee: £100 

Nanny Salary: £132                                                   Flying Tots Fee: £80 

Babysitting Duties
Nanny Salary: £11 per hour                                       Flying Tots Fee: £80

Duty Travel: [flight only]                                      Flying Tots fee: £200 [flight only]
Nanny Salary [from £14 per hour]
Holiday duty stay with family:                              Flying Tots fee:£400
Nanny salary [£11 per hour] plus                       
Duty Travel [from £14 per hour] 

Flying Tots