Long Haul

Long haul shift pattern often means that airline staff have to spend long periods away from the home each time they fly to their rostered work destination. Business or other professional trips are sometimes longer but we can still accommodate your needs. Long haul shifts can inevitably cause problems for parents trying to juggle work commitments, together with making arrangements for long-term childcare, whilst trying not to disrupt their child’s life. Loyal airline staff are hard working committed employees that often choose the option for their children to stay with friends or relatives, as it can be difficult to find nannies that are available for certain regular periods of the working month for which they are needed.

Flying Tots know and understand these challenges. Therefore we have designed a bespoke nanny service exclusively for those pilots and cabin crew who are working away on long haul flights and for customers who need to regularly travel away on business trips and long shifts for the emergency services which may include overnight stay. We offer assistance to parents by allocating a nanny, mothers help or babysitter who can cover their time away, providing them with flexibility and peace of mind.

A Flying Tots nanny will care for your child at your home, ensuring that the child maintains the vital continuity and stability needed. The nanny will stay at your home for the duration of your time away, and carry out all the duties necessary to keep your child happy, healthy and stimulated. Your child will feel safe and secure as they will be in familiar surroundings and will be provided with round the clock care.


  • Ad hoc Flexible nanny provision to work around your schedule, for as many days as you need allows you to continue working knowing that your child is in safe hands
  • Flying Tots provides the option of a nanny, mother’s help or experienced babysitter in your home ensuring comfort and security
  • Familiarity and continuity between the child and nanny ensures minimum disruption to your child’s life
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