Short Haul

This is an ideal service for a single parent or parents whether their business, work or personal travel takes them away from home on a short hall flight.

A short hall crew member, pilot, or business traveller's day can be as long as 12 hours with possibly a late finish up to 24 hours. Equally, mum or dad may undertake an 8-10 hour work load day. Flying Tots guarantees assurance of a stress free shift, before returning home to unwind and spending good quality time with your child or children before retiring to bed.

With the introduction of a mothers help or babysitter the nanny will perform a list of childcare duties which are discussed and arranged prior to the nanny's first day of employment. These childcare techniques are commonly practised by professional, experienced Flying Tots nannies at all times.

Flying Tots will provide you with your own assigned child carer according to the need dictated by your short haul schedule.

The flexibility of the nanny greatly eases the worry that is often associated with arranging your childcare.


  • Flexible child care provision to work around your schedule for as many days as you require
  • Familiarity and continuity between the child and nanny
  • Childcare provision in the comfort of your own home making the child feel safe and secure
  • Daily knowledge of your child’s activities through continuous communication and support. Parents are fully briefed at all times
  • Extra support is offered for single parents as they continue to balance home life whilst earning a living.
  • Professional service delivery
Flying Tots