This service is intended to provide childcare support for the times when Airline staff and Service professionals are on standby and therefore liable to be called into work at very short notice. This scenario often makes arranging childcare particularly difficult. It is vital that your childcare is set in place in advance so that you can be readily available without complications.

  • Cabin crew and pilots
  • Doctors and nurses
  • police and firemen
  • Solicitors and builders
  • Businessmen and entertainers

These are some examples of service professionals who may need to respond to a telephone call from the work place in order to perform their required duty.

Flying Tots will provide you with an available nanny, mother’s help or babysitter who is “on-call” and ready at short notice for when you need to prepare for standby duty.


  • Child care provision designed for Airline staff, Emergency service workers and last minute Business travellers
  • Ability to “Standby” stress free, and short notice preparation for going into work knowing that your child care has been arranged
  • Professional express service delivery
Flying Tots